Director's Newsletter #28-18, March 24

March 24, 2019

Director’s Newsletter #28-18, March 24, 2019


Good morning everyone!


By now, I hope all students are back in the groove after Spring Break as hit the final 10 weeks of school! Here are the items covered in this week’s newsletter:


•Percussion Ensemble Concert Recap

•Winter Guard Contest Results

•Cornyval Parking Fundraiser

•Amazon Smile

•Objectives & UIL

•Pre UIL

•Temple Jazz Festival

•Senior Banquet Meeting

•Senior Band Scholarships Information


Percussion Ensemble Concert Recap


This past Thursday, the Brandeis Percussion department put on an outstanding ensemble concert that featured soloists and ensembles from Stinson Middle School as well. Thank you to our students for all of their outstanding work and to Mr. Suarez for leading the percussion program to such a great performance!



Winter Guard Contest Results


Both our JV and Varsity Winter Guard units competed at the TECA Warren HS Invitational yesterday at the NISD Gym. Our JV guard came in 1st place out of 17 competing units and the Varsity guard earned 11th place out of 16 competing units in their respective categories. What an accomplishment for our students! Wonderful job to both groups and to Mrs. King for her work with our students. They have 1 more contest to go, which is the TECA Championships which will be held at Southwest HS on April 13th. If you have yet to see their programs, be sure to come out and watch their final run at Championships.


Cornyval Parking Fundraiser


With FIESTA nearly here, it’s also almost time for Cornyval in Helotes! While most are familiar with Cornyval, this happens to be a great opportunity for our Bronco Band as every year, students and parents volunteer to help with parking. This is a great fundraiser for us as it provides the band with an opportunity to earn $4,500 - $5,000 for a weekend’s work.


This year, Mr. Keith Kouba leading the charge in this great event. He has put together a wonderful flyer with all the details regarding the event. Parents, as you are the primary help needed, please check your calendars and if you are able to help, put it down. Please check out the flyer, HERE!


Amazon Smile


You can now support the Bronco Band every time you make a purchase on Amazon! Visit THIS LINK and log into your amazon account. Fill your basket, check out, and a .05% of your purchase will be donated to the Bronco Band! There are a couple of things to know about this:


  1. This does not work in conjunction with the Amazon app on your phone. You would have to visit the link and purchase on the website via your phone’s internet browser.

  2. Every time you make a purchase, you have to revisit the link. So you can either create a icon on your phone via the link, or visit first, click the Amazon Smile link, and you’re ready to shop and contribute to the Bronco Band!


Objectives & UIL Eligibility


As students are