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Director's Newsletter 32-18, April 20

Director’s Newsletter #32-18, April 20, 2019 Good afternoon everyone! Since tomorrow is Easter Sunday, I thought it would be best to get you this newsletter today. This week’s newsletter will have information on the following items: •Spring Dinner Tickets & Event Recap •FIESTA Prep •Battle of the Bands Rehearsal •Banquet Decoration Help •Battle of the Bands Event •Battle of Flowers Parade •Eligibility •FIESTA Medals •Band Banquet Invitations Update •Senior Pictures for Banquet •Prom Tickets •Band 101 Meeting Date •Cornyval Parking Fundraiser

Spring Dinner Tickets & Event Recap

THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU to everyone who supported our Spring Dinner fundraiser! Our goal was to raise $8,000 and we achieved and surpassed our goal raising $8,700 for the program. This couldn’t be done without our outstanding parent generosity and the hard work of our students who sold more than 900 tickets for the event. As for the contest, the Colorguard won our class ticket contest, taking the lead on the final day! Congrats guard and way to show great leadership in the program! Finally, I’d like to thank Adriana Trevino and Pete Escobar for chairing this event and putting together our best one yet! From all of the footwork and time put forth to get so many items donated for the auction, food, and other things, this event would not be a success without these two. Thank you for all you have given to the students and program!

FIESTA Prep As we are about to hit rehearsal and events for FIESTA, it’s extremely important for your student’s safety that they take care of their bodies as best as possible. Please be sure your students are eating well, and drinking plenty of water over the weekend and all of next week. In addition, there are items that students will need throughout the week. Please be sure your students have:

  • Sunblock

  • Sunglasses

  • Hats

  • Light-colored clothing

  • Shorts

  • Athletic Shoes

  • Alternate Uniform Shirts

  • Alternate Uniform Shorts

  • Chucks

  • Long Plain Black Socks

  • Camelbaks or Reusable Water Bottle As we move through the events below, students will need items on this list on specific days.

Parade Rehearsals On Monday & Tuesday after school, we will be having parade marching rehearsal from 4:30 pm - 6:30 pm. Students need to be in shorts and light colored tops to reflect the sun. Students should also wear hats, sunglasses, and sunblock. Students should also bring Brandeis Camelbaks with them to rehearsal. They CAN use these on the parade route on Friday. Since we are not selling Camelbaks this year, if you student would like to have one for the parade, they can purchase a navy blue Camelbak at a local sporting goods store. If students choose not to purchase a Camelbak, please be sure they bring a reusable water bottle or water jug with them to rehearsal.

Battle of the Bands Rehearsal Battle of the Bands rehearsal will be on Wednesday from 9:45 am - 12:45 pm at Alamo Stadium. Please make sure your student eats a healthy breakfast this morning. I advise staying away from dairy as this has been known to come back and haunt students in the heat. We will be traveling by bus together to and from the stadium. Students need the same items as they had for parade rehearsal for this event. PLEASE be sure your student has their Camelbak or reusable water bottle/jug for this rehearsal. Following the rehearsal, we have to return to BHS because school busses need to make their elementary routes. When we return, students can grab lunch in the cafeteria during 6th-period lunch and will be allowed their usual 48 minutes to eat. Students with off-campus privileges may go off campus and will also have their 48 minutes to eat and return to campus as well. PLEASE NOTE: Students will have 48 minutes from the time we return to campus. For example, if we return at 1:45 pm, students will have until 2:33 pm to return to campus. After students eat, ALL STUDENTS must remain in the band hall until the end of the school day. If any student is to leave campus, they must be signed out by a parent. During that time… Banquet Decoration Help Ms. Tristan will be at school to have students help put together decorations for the band banquet. If you have any empty boxes, Wednesday is the day to send them to school with your student for this.

Battle of the Bands Event Battle of the Bands will be on Thursday at Alamo Stadium. This will be very much like a “Game Day” for students. They will attend school as scheduled and then after school, change into their alternate uniform shirt and shorts, eat in the cafeteria, then get dressed into their short-sleeve uniforms, long plain black socks, and chucks. The event will begin at 6 pm and conclude at around 10 pm. The band will be performing in the Parade of Bands II as well as the Mass Band Performance at the end of the evening. I expect us to return to BHS between 10:45 pm and 11:15 pm. As we depart, we will make sure students reach out to parents so that you can be awaiting your student’s arrival. I highly encourage students to go straight home after the Band Festival, to rest and get ready for the Parade the following day.

Battle of Flowers Parade The parade will take place on Friday morning. Students need to report to school at 7:30 am. We will depart BHS at 8:15 am. Again, be sure your student eats breakfast this morning as well. Additionally, please be sure that students bring their Camelbaks for this event as well, so that they can have a consistent source of water on the parade route. Students will need to arrive at school in their alternate uniform, long plain black socks, and chucks. Students will then change into their short-sleeve uniforms for the parade. We expect to step off on the route around 10 am and hope to finish the parade by 12:30 pm. We expect to be back at BHS between 1:30 pm and 2 pm. We will provide a variety of snacks to the students prior to the parade to ensure proper nutrition. This will include fruit, Chex mix, water, etc to ensure proper blood sugar and carbohydrate levels, and enough to hold them over through the parade. After the parade, we will provide students with a sandwich, chips, and a drink on the bus. Again, we will have students contact parents to ensure their rides are ready when we return.

Eligibility If students are currently ineligible, they CANNOT attend the Alamo Stadium rehearsal on Wednesday. On Thursday morning, report cards will be distributed. In order to attend Thursday and Friday’s events, students must be passing all classes on that report card or have waivers completed that day. Any student who fails to do so, will not attend either event.

FIESTA Medals Brandeis Band Chucks FIESTA medals are still available. I have them available for purchase in the band office. Medals are $10 and are going fast! Be sure to grab one to wear this week!

Band Banquet Invitations Update Banquet tickets are now $60 per person. Please send in your money to purchase for this great evening! Remember that if your student brings a guest to the banquet who is not a member of the program, the student’s name must be turned into me and a ticket must be purchased for him/her so that the guests can be placed on the entry list. Any name not on our banquet entry list, will not be allowed entry.

Senior Pictures for Banquet If you have a senior student and have yet to turn in pictures, please email a baby, middle school, and senior portrait photo to as discussed in last week’s newsletter.

Prom Tickets Prom tickets are still on sale for $60. They are available for purchase in the Brandeis counseling office. Only seniors may purchase tickets for prom. “Band 101” Meeting Date On Tuesday, April 30th, we will have our very first “Band 101” meeting in the band hall. I’d like to invite ALL PARENTS to come and join us!

Cornyval Parking Fundraiser The Cornyval parking fundraiser will take place from May 2 - 5, 2019. Be sure to get all the information and sign up HERE. Don’t forget, there are many great incentives for students to participate as well. Please be sure to check the calendar below for this week’s events and as always, if you have any questions, please feel free to email me at


-Mr. Asgari SCHEDULE FOR THE WEEK 4/22/19 - Monday - Parade Rehearsal, 4:30 pm - 6:30 pm -- 4/23/19 - Tuesday - Jazz Saxes, 7:30 am 4/23/19 - Tuesday - Parade Rehearsal, 4:30 pm - 6:30 pm -- 4/24/19 - Wednesday - Jazz Brass, 7:30 am 4/24/19 - Wednesday - Battle of the Bands Rehearsal @ Alamo Stadium, 9:45 am - 12:45 pm 4/24/19 - Wednesday - 2019/20 Drumline, 2:00 pm - 4:00 pm -- 4/25/19 - Thursday - Battle of the Bands @ Alamo Stadium, 6 pm - 10 pm -- 4/26/19 - Friday - Battle of Flowers Parade, Downtown, 7:30 am REPORT TIME

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