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Brandeis Concert Ensembles

During the concert season, Brandeis has three performing concert ensembles: The Wind Ensemble, Symphonic Band, and the Concert Band. These ensembles serve as a vital role in allowing each instrumental student to learn more about music and their instrument. Brandeis is proud to say that all of our ensembles are sweepstakes bands! Scroll down to learn more about each band.

Wind Ensemble

The Wind Ensemble consists of the most outstanding instrumentalists in our program. Promotion into the ensemble is based upon results throughout the TMEA All-State process, ability on the student's instrument, and the student's conduct. It is directed by Mr. Patrick Aguirre. 


Symphonic Band

The Symphonic Band is comprised of a majority of the program's upperclassmen. Promotion into the ensemble is dependent on one year of completion in the Concert Band and the student's playing ability. It is under the direction of Mr. Joshua Conner.


Concert Band

The Concert Band consists of all of the freshmen of our program. This ensemble serves as the start and foundation for all of our student's musical journey. It is under the direction of Mr. Steven Grés.


Team Teaching for the Win!

Although each ensemble is under the direction of one director, all four directors team teach each ensemble to promote the highest chance of success possible for our students!

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