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We don’t have any products to show here right now.

We are doing another dinner with the great folks at Las Palapas (1604/Hausman Road), They are providing us new options on Family meals.

Due to the recent weather issues, Las Palapas has allowed us to extend the orders for an additional week. You can now have your pickup either the week of February 22-26 or March 1-5.

The first option is one of the same as last fall. The meal comes with a pound of picadillo, a quart of rice, a quart of refried beans, and a dozen tortillas for $25.

The second meal is new.  The meal comes with a pound of chicken fajita, a quart of rice, a quart of refried beans, and 8 tortillas for $35.

You can also select a gallon of tea to wash it all down with for an additional $5.

As with the meal in the fall, these orders will be a direct pick up at Las Palapas! 

How it works

- Select your item to purchase below (Family Meal Deal #1, Family Meal Deal #2, Gallon of Tea)

- Next you will select your pickup date and pick up time (one-hour slots from 4-8 p.m.) 

- Add a gallon of tea if you like (tea must be picked up at the same time as the meal)

After your payment is received, a voucher will be emailed to you. On your selected day at the selected time, you head to Las Palapas to pick up your meal!  

*vouchers must be printed and presented at the time of meal pickup

**meal pickup must be inside the restaurant, no drive-thru pickup

Deadline for Purchase - The deadline for the first week is midnight Saturday, February 20th and the deadline for the second week is midnight Saturday, February 27th

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