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Director's Newsletter - #22-18, February 3, 2019


Director’s Newsletter #22-18, February 3, 2019

Good morning everyone!

I’d like to start this week’s newsletter off by thanking Chip, Sarah, & Will Thompson! Sarah & Will are members of the Bronco Band and together with their dad Chip, they took time to get up to the school last week and paint our band sheds out near the band pad. Nothing speaks louder about our culture than making something like this a family affair.

Additionally, Mr. Thompson also had our mulch flyer placed into Councilman Pelaez’ newsletter that went out on Friday, and Mr. Palaez will be coming by campus this week to shoot a live video to support our fundraiser.

Thank you to the Thompson family for their time and leadership!

We’ve taken notice of quite a few students signing up for private lessons. Thank you for making that commitment to excellence! We have added additional lesson teachers to our private lessons page on our website so if you are need of a teacher, please reach out to me and I can help connect you to the right person.

As we hit February we still have unpaid band fees. It is important that you make sure your student's account is resolved. I will be sending out an email to those with a balance, and a separate invoice will be sent to you that you can pay electronically. If you’d like to know if you owe any fees, please email me.

For all students who have not been fitted for concert attire, Wednesday after school will be the last opportunity to do so. Concert attire is required for performances coming up. Please make sure that you make the time to complete this.

I must also take time to thank Mrs. Crittenden, Mrs. Burroughs, and Mrs. Breaux for making time to fit 200 students in black dresses and tuxedos. As you can imagine, this is a process that takes a huge amount of time! We appreciate all of you.

With Solo & Ensemble contest coming up on the 21st, all students participating will need to get their original music and piano accompaniment music (if necessary) turned into Mr. Cuellar on Monday.

There are quite a few things coming up this week and next week that our program is preparing for. This week, our full orchestra has our Pre-Uil performance, we are hosting our annual Jazz Fest, and our Winter Guards have a contest. Next week, our freshman will be testing on Monday, and all 3 of our concert bands will be performing at our annual Mid-Winter concert Tuesday. With that being said, please be sure to check the schedule as we have so many moving parts and attendance is critical for our group’s success.

Please be sure to check the calendar below for this week’s events and as always, if you have any questions, please feel free to email me at


Mr. Asgari


2/4/19 - Monday - Full Jazz 1, 4:30 pm

2/4/19 - Monday - JV Winterguard 5:30 pm - 7 pm


2/5/19 - Tuesday - Freshman/A3 Brass & Percussion, 7:30 am

2/5/19 - Tuesday - Freshman/A3 Woodwinds, 7:30 am

2/5/19 - Tuesday - Percussion Ensemble, 4:30 pm - 6 pm

2/5/19 - Tuesday - Full Jazz 1, 4:30 pm

2/5/19 - Tuesday - Varsity Winter Guard Rehearsal, 6 pm - 8 pm


2/6/19 - Wednesday - Full Varsity, 7:30 am

2/6/19 - Wednesday - A2 Brass, 7:30 am

2/6/19 - Wednesday - Concert Uniform Fittings, Makeup, 4:00 pm

2/6/19 - Wednesday - Percussion Ensemble, 4:30 pm - 6 pm

2/6/19 - Wednesday - JV Winter Guard Rehearsal, 5:30 pm - 7 pm


2/7/19 - Thursday - Percussion Ensemble, 7:30 am

2/7/19 - Thursday - A2 Woodwinds, 7:30 am

2/7/19 - Thursday - Full Orchestra Rehearsal, 7:30 am

2/7/19 - Thursday - Full Jazz, 4:30 pm

2/7/19 - Thursday - Varsity Winter Guard Rehearsal, 6 pm - 8 pm

2/7/19 - Thursday - Full Orchestra, PRE-UIL, 6 pm


2/8/19 - Friday - Full Freshman/A3 Band, 7:30 am

2/8/19 - Friday - Jazz Combo, 7:30 am

2/8/19 - Friday - Jazz Fest Volunteer Meeting, 8:30 aM

2/9/19 - Saturday - Jazz Fest, All Day

2/9/19 - Saturday - Winterguard Contest @ Madison HS, JV 10:20 am, Varsity 6:02 pm

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