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Director's Newsletter #19-19

Director’s Newsletter #19-19, January 19, 2020 Good morning everyone! Here is what you will find in this week's newsletter: •REGION BAND CLINIC & CONCERT •SECTIONALS & UIL PASS OFFS REGION BAND CLINIC & CONCERT This week is the Region is the Region Band Clinic and Concert. Those students who made the Freshman Region Band, All Region Band or All Area Band, they’ve received a folder with music and information regarding rehearsals as well as the performance. Below is some additional information. Freshman & 6A Bands: Clinic Location: Taft HS, Host: Greg Mills ( -Thursday, Jan 23, 6-9 PM -Friday, Jan 24, 9:15AM-4 PM -Freshman Band Concert: 6 PM -6A Symphonic Band Concert: 7 PM -6A Area Honor Band Concert: 8 PM -Students are responsible for all meals on their own, so please plan ahead. Students will need their concert attire for this event. They should have been fitted for this the week we returned from winter break. Please make sure they pick up their attire on Thursday, after school. If for some reason their attire isn’t ready, I will deliver it on Friday during their rehearsal to ensure they have what they need for the concert that evening. SECTIONALS & UIL PASS OFFS As we head into our UIL concert season, we will be having sectionals before and after school. These will be specific and outlined in the weekly schedule. Sectional attendance is required and a grade. Students will also have UIL Pass Offs that are major grades. In order to attend UIL Concert & Sight Reading with the band, all students must pass off their UIL objectives/pass offs and earn a grade of 90 or better. Students will get these objectives early and may play off their objectives as many times as they wish for as high of a grade as possible. Lastly, with the band in Disney this week, other than the Region Band clinic & concert, there is nothing on the schedule for the week. I will resume our regular 2 week outlook in next week’s newsletter.

As always, if you have any questions please feel free to contact me at Have a great day! -Mr. Asgari Week 19 1/19/20 - Sunday - Disney -- 1/20/20 - Monday - MLK Day (School Holiday)/Disney -- 1/21/20 - Tuesday - Disney -- 1/22/20 - Wednesday - Disney -- 1/23/20 - Thursday - All Region Clinic, Details Above -- 1/24/20 - Friday - All Region Clinic, Details Above

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