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Director's Newsletter #2 - 19, September 1

Director’s Newsletter #2-19, September 1, 2019

Good afternoon!

I hope all of you are enjoying this Labor Day weekend. Here is what you will find in this week's newsletter:

•New Sponsor

•Thank You!

•Broncos of the Week

•Video Review

•Glenn Miller Orchestra

•Disney Payment #3

•Brandeis Band Tutoring


The Bronco Band program has another new Diamond Level Sponsor! Chad Miller Auto Care has generously donated $1000 to our program and our kids. They are a local leader in auto care with a stellar reputation for great work! You can see more about their business on at Thank you for your commitment to our kids and program!

Lastly, these great sponsors would not be a part of our band family without the dedication and hard work of Mr. Chip Thompson. Thank you Mr. Thompson for everything you do for our students!


With our first week of school and performance done, it couldn't have happened without the help of our great parents!

Thank you to Debbie Breaux, Eva Cisneros, Melinda Escobar, and Kris Schmidt. These wonderful ladies spent time getting all of our Color Guard and Field Dance Company costumes measured and cut for the students to wear to the game.

Thank you to Mrs. Lotts and all of our parents who helped set up and serve our kids their meals prior to departing for the game. Feeding 240 students is quite a task and our parents handle it with ease.

Thank you to all of our chaperones and roadies who made sure all of our kids were safe, equipment was loaded, and the band was set up to have a great first performance. As I've said many times, these parents move an army every week and we couldn't do our jobs without them.

Thank you to Guy & Maria Mullin for committing to being our driver for Big Lou once again. Mr. Mullin spent time picking up our tractor, ensuring it was ready to go for the season, and taking Big Lou to get cleaned up.

All of these parents have donated so many hours to our kids and I hope you know how much all of us appreciate you!


Each week our leadership team nominates students who have stood out for their great effort, performance, and leadership. Together with the staff, they determine our most outstanding students and section for the week. Congratulations to the following students and section for earning our weekly awards this past week:

Band Member of the Week: Natalie Gorham

Field Dance Member of the Week: Vivian Solano

Freshman of the Week: Nicholas Hernandez

Guard Member of the Week: Madeline Marroquin

Leader of the Week: Lizzie Crittenden

Section of the Week: Drumline


We will be reviewing video of our first performance on Tuesday morning at 8:15 am in Band Hall 1. This is a voluntary viewing. This will be our usual protocol on the first day of school after a performance to determine program goals for the upcoming week of rehearsal.


As sent out in a special announcement, tickets to our community for the Glenn Miller Orchestra are now available for purchase. This world famous group plays 300 dates a year and sold out the Tobin Center last year. THIS EVENT WILL SELL OUT! If you are interested, you can grab tickets HERE.


Payment #3 for our Disney World trip is now due. Please make your payment online HERE.


Our leadership team put together a list of students available for tutoring. These students do very well in certain subjects and the list is available to all students. Students can find this list in the band hall posted on our Bronco Resources bulletin board. Please make sure that they reach out for help if they need it.

Lastly, today is Mr. Lemanski's birthday! If you'd like to send him a birthday note, you can reach him at Happy Birthday, Mr. Lemanski!

Please be sure to check the calendar below for this week’s events and as always, if you have any questions, please feel free to email me at


-Mr. Asgari




9/3/19 - Tuesday - Video Review Session, 8:15 am

9/3/19 - Tuesday - After School Rehearsal, 4:40 pm - 6:40 pm


9/4/19 - Wednesday - Morning Rehearsal, 7:00 am - 8:40 am


9/5/19 - Thursday - Morning Rehearsal, 7:00 am - 8:40 am

9/5/19 - Thursday - BLT Meeting 4:25 pm - 4:45 pm

9/5/19 - Thursday - Percussion Sectional, 5 pm


9/6/19 - Friday - Pep Rally, 7:00 am Report Time


9/7/19 - Saturday - Brandeis vs. Stevens, Farris Stadium, 7:00 pm (Students Report at 4:00 pm. Please eat prior to arrival as we will not provide a meal)


9/9/19 - Monday - Video Review Session, 8:15 am

9/9/19 - Monday - After School Rehearsal, 4:40 pm - 6:40 pm

9/9/19 - Monday - Booster Meeting, Band Hall, 7 pm


9/10/19 - Tuesday - After School Rehearsal, 4:40 pm - 6:40 pm


9/11/19 - Wednesday - Morning Rehearsal, 7:00 am - 8:40 am


9/12/19 - Thursday - Morning Rehearsal, 7:00 am - 8:40 am


9/13/19 - Friday - Pep Rally, 7:00 am Report Time

9/13/19 - Friday - Brandeis @ Marshall, Gus Stadium, 7:30 pm


9/14/19 - Saturday - All Region Jazz Auditions, ALL DAY

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