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39 Students Selected to Region Band

Congratulations to the 54 Bronco Band members who auditioned for a Region Band chair on Saturday. Brandeis had 22 students selected and advance to the All Area Band and 17 selected to the 2nd Region Band. Brandeis also had 17 students selected to the Region Full Orchestra. Students winning an All-Region chair and advancing to the Area level are:

Piccolo – Shelby Ebner, 1st chair, area, full orch

Flute – Antonio Jasiczek 1st chair, area, full orch; Helen Herrera 4th chair, area, full orch; Elise

Aigner-Varoz 5th chair; area, full orch; Kayla Goodman 11th chair region.

Oboe – Stephen Toedt 1st chair, area, full orch; Alex Hernandez 2nd chair, area, full orch; Brendon Brown 5th chair, region; Tommy Makusky 6th chair, region.

Clarinet – Adam Kuhn 1st chair, area, full orch; Juan Cantu 2nd chair, area, full orch; Michael DeLeon 4th chair, area, full orch; Eric Jin 5th chair, area, Jamie Dart 21th chair, region; Lynsey Lamoureux 25th chair, region; Annie Villarreal 27th chair, region.

Bassoon – Jaselle Reginaldo 6th chair, region.

Alto Sax – Jacob Bowden 3rd chair, region.

Tenor Sax – Nick Woodhouse 3rd chair, region.

Bari Sax – Jonathan Rodriguez 1st chair, area.

Trumpet – Ian Aigner-Varoz 1st chair, area, full orch; Logan Francesco 2nd chair, area, full orch; Andrew Schofield 3rd chair, area, full orch; Leo Filyk 7th chair, area; Grant Owens 11th chair, area; Jonathan Bjerken 9th chair, area; Robert Estrada 17th chair, region.

F Horn – Josie Lotts, 4th chair, area, full orch; Oscar Rivera 5th chair, area, full orch; Haley Ginn 6th chair, area full orch; Ben Walls 10th chair, region; Sam Blanton 16th chair, region.

Euphonium – Caelan Matthews 6th chair, region.

Tuba – Austin Pennartz 2nd chair, area, full orch; Jaime Menchaca, 6th chair, region; Elias Leal 9th chair, region. Jaime Menchaca 8th chair.

Percussion – Connor Castillo 2nd chair, area, full orch; Ben Kressbach 8th chair, region, full orch; Emilio Magallan 9th chair, region..

Other students who auditioned for an All-Region chair were:

Woodwinds: Lisa Luo, Carla Rodriguez, Jorge Ramirez, Cade Kouba.

Brass: Nathan Mendoza, Brayton Moschenross, Heather Estrada, Jared Barry, Diego Mullin, Gunnar Whatley, Michael Sanchez, Samuel Williams.

Percussion: Nicholas Franklin, David Lozano, Andrew Flores.

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