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Director's Newsletter #1 - 18, August 26

Director’s Newsletter - #1 - 18, August 26, 2018

Hello everyone,

We are officially off into the school year! With this being the very first newsletter of the school year, I’ve broken it down into sections for you as more of a reference, should you choose not to read every word. The sections will be as follows:

  1. Thank You

  2. Important Dates this Week

  3. Forms

  4. Attendance

  5. Grades & Materials

  6. Schedule for the Week


What an organization with great parents where special thank you’s are in order EVERY WEEK! So, thank you to our summer band concessions chair Mercy Aguirre and the band concession parents for organizing a lunch for the students this past Tuesday during our clinic. Our parents wanted to be sure that every student was fed (as they did ALL SUMMER), and they handled it superbly! Additionally, we had even more parents help organize a teacher breakfast on Wednesday morning! Events and parents like this are such a huge reason why the Bronco Band resonates through the halls of Brandeis High School.

On Wednesday, we had our Summer Band Concert and the practice field was full! Thank you to each and every parent, family member, and friend who came out to support the band’s first performance. To our Booster Board and members, the staff and I can’t thank you enough for all of your selfless work and time you have volunteered to the program all summer. Again, if you haven’t yet joined this amazing booster family, it’s not too late. Do so ASAP and come join us on September 10th for our next booster meeting.

Thursday was Meet the Broncos on the J.V. field and it was exciting to see so many of our parents in the stands to support not only the band, but each and every spirit and athletic team. We wish all of the athletic and spirit organizations a great year, and are looking forward to cheering on our football team at the first game this Friday.

Thursday was also the end of our initial Bronco Card Contest. Our top 3 sellers and winners of the cash prizes were Isabella Lopez selling 90 cards, Gavin Lotts selling 85 cards, and Jared Barry selling 55 cards. Congratulations to these three students. Please continue to sell your Bronco Cards and turn your money in as we are working to SELL OUT in 2018! Thank you to ALL students and families who have helped contribute to this goal.

Yesterday, we had nearly 25 parents meet on the practice field and work together to get our props prepared for the upcoming competition season! They are coming together quite nicely and the crew will continue to prepare them as the year progresses. Everyone was a huge help yesterday and a very big thank you to all of you. If you are interested in helping our prop set up, please contact Jerry Crittenden at

Last but not least there are a few people I’d like to personally thank for making this summer band a success. The staff and I appreciate you so much for all of your efforts (Please, please, PLEASE forgive me if I fail to mention anyone by name. It is not due to a lack on your part, but instead on my lack of still not knowing everyone’s name just yet).

Debbie Breaux, Mercy Aguirre, Letty Reyes, Adriana Trevino, Chip Thompson, Jerry Crittenden, Michelle Crittenden, Jonnie Tristan, Maria Mullin, Teresa Delgado, Jeff Makusky, Sharon Powell, Neil Lamouruex, Ignacio Sierra, Grace Sierra, Heather Lotts, Norma Hogan, Krista Burroughs, Gary Kressbach, and all of the amazing parents who have donated their time and efforts to our program. THANK YOU FOR AN INCREDIBLE SUMMER! I look forward to great year together and many more after.


On Wednesday, we will have Open House for all students at Brandeis. The wind and percussion students will be performing for parents on stage prior to the start of open house from 5:45 pm - 6:00 pm. After the performance, students can put their instruments away and join their parents to participate in Open House.

Friday Morning will be our first pep rally & football game. Students will need to wear their alternate uniform shirts and blue jeans to the pep rally. Friday evening will be our first football game vs. Johnson at Farris Stadium at 7:30pm. Prior to departure, all students will have a meal as well. This is the annual Peanut Butter Bowl! Be sure to send in your 16oz - 18oz cans of creamy peanut butter this week to donate to students in need.


Some students still have not turned in their UIL Form to me. This needs to be turned in ASAP as a requirement by the state to participate in extracurricular activities. You can find a copy of that form HERE.

There are also a handful of students who have not turned in their medical release and travel form. If this form is not handed to me next week, those students will not be allowed to travel to the game on Friday.


With school now in session, please be aware that your student’s attendance is critical to their participation and grade in the band program. Any absence needs to be cleared by me, prior to, with an email sent from a parent. Students will always have at least 1 day after school each week to handle personal business, tutoring, or any other outside non-school commitment.


Students have 100% control over the grade they earn in their band class. Each student will be handed an objective sheet each 6 weeks grading period, with assignments due on particular dates. As long as attempts are made to complete the assignment by the listed date, students will have unlimited opportunities to score as high as possible on each assignment, up to the Wednesday prior to the end of the 6 weeks. Students will also be graded weekly on the possession of their materials needed for rehearsals. Required items include music, coordinate sheets, pencils, hats, sunglasses, proper clothing and a water jug. Please understand that your student needs to be prepared not only for our formal instruction, but the outdoor elements that affect our rehearsals as well.


8/27/18 - Monday - First Day of School - Rehearsal 4:30pm - 6:30pm

8/28/18 - Tuesday - Rehearsal 4:30pm - 6:30pm

8/29/18 - Wednesday - Morning Rehearsal 7am

8/29/18 - Wednesday OPEN HOUSE Performance 5:30pm - 6:00pm; OPEN HOUSE 6:00pm - 8:30pm

8/30/18 - Thursday - Morning Rehearsal 7am

8/30/18 - Thursday - Percussion Sectional - 4:30pm - 5:30pm

8/31/18 - Friday - Pep Rally 7am

8/31/18 - Friday - Brandeis vs. Johnson, 7:30pm @ Farris Stadium

As always, if you have any questions please contact me at

See you at the game!

-Mr. Asgari

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