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Director's Newsletter #3 - 18, September 9

Director’s Newsletter - #3 - 18, September 9, 2018 Hello everyone, I hope everyone enjoyed the free weekend as it will sadly be the last for a while. We have a full week ahead of many things so please be sure to get all of the information below. Thank you to all of our parents who volunteered for the extra humid football game on Thursday night! It certainly made for a short week but I thought our students handled everything very well. Yesterday, we had a large number of parents and students gather at the band hall to paint and set up props. A huge thank you for all that you do to help prepare our students and program for success! Be sure you are voting for the Bronco Band as your favorite TNL band of the season! Every day, text BAND3 to 44332 an UNLIMITED amount of times to vote for the Bronco Band and help the program win a $5,000 grant for the 3rd year in a row! Congratulations to Horn player Emma Aune, Front Ensemble member Mia Rasmussen, Guard member Serenity Huffman, Guard Co-Captain Katelyn Schmidt, and the Front Ensemble for being awarded our Freshman, Band Member, Guard Member, Officer, and Section of the Week respectively. It’s so wonderful to see our students recognized every week for their commitment to the program.

(Photo Credit: Krista Burroughs)

Students should have played off 4 objectives at this point. If your student has been unable to do so, they need to communicate with the band staff so we can come to a fair decision to make sure they are completing their assignments. Grades have started being entered as well so please remember that as long as your student attempts each objective by the due date, they can re-attempt them as many time as they would like within the 6 weeks, for as high of a grade as possible. This Monday we have our monthly booster meeting at 7pm. Be sure to come out and be a part of our great booster program! On Tuesday, we will be having our first stadium rehearsal at Farris Stadium. We will walk students over to the stadium from Brandeis after school, and back to campus after rehearsal. Percussion students will need a bit more time as they will have to tear down and pack up instruments to be loaded on the trailers for transport after rehearsal and to unload the trailer as well. Please adjust your pick up schedules accordingly. This Saturday will be the Region Jazz Auditions at Clark High School. Students participating need to check in at 8:00am and need to bring $25 with them. Should they earn a chair in the top Jazz Ensemble, they will need to pay for their Area Recording Fee, which will take place the 1st week of October. Best of luck to all of our students auditioning! Also on Saturday, the Brandeis percussion section will be competing at the Dripping Springs Drumline Contest. They will perform at 3:45pm at the Dripping Springs High School Stadium (Tiger Stadium). Be sure to make it out to support our students and then head to the game at Farris against Marshall later that evening. At this week’s football game, we will be welcoming the 8th-grade band members from Garcia and Stinson Middle Schools. It will be a very exciting day as we welcome future Bronco Band Members into the stands to get their first glimpse of a Bronco Game Day. Also happening on Saturday will be the UIL Twirling Contest. Currently, the location and time are being finalized. When that is complete, we will communicate the information to the students. We wish Madeline Wood and Daniella Torres the best of luck in their performance. As a last reminder, with our first Saturday game this week, please be sure that your student eats prior to reporting to the band hall as we will not be providing a meal. Report time is below with the rest of the schedule for the week. As always, if you have any questions, please contact me at Enjoy the rest of your weekend and GO BRONCOS! -Mr. Asgari SCHEDULE FOR THE WEEK 9/10/18 - Monday - Rehearsal 4:30pm - 6:30pm 9/10/18 - Monday - Board Meeting 6pm/Booster Meeting 7pm 9/11/18 - Tuesday - Drum Major Sectional 7:45am 9/11/18 - Tuesday - Stadium Rehearsal 4:30pm - 7:00pm 9/12/18 - Wednesday - Morning Rehearsal 7am 9/12/18 - Wednesday - Jazz Combo Rehearsal 4:30pm 9/13/18 - Thursday - Morning Rehearsal 7am 9/13/18 - Thursday - Percussion Rehearsal 4:30pm - 5:30pm 9/13/18 - Thursday - BLT Meeting 4:15pm 9/14/18 - Friday - Pep Rally 7am 9/15/18 - Saturday - Twirling UIL. Location & time TBD. 9/15/18 - Saturday - Dripping Springs Drumline Contest - Brandeis Performance @ 3:45pm 9/15/18 - Saturday - Football Game vs. Marshall, Farris 7pm. Band reports to band hall at 4pm OBJECTIVES DUE THIS WEEK #3 - Part 3 of the Show #7 - Believer - Dance Team Song

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