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Director's Newsletter #5-18, September 23

Hello everyone,

We had quite an eventful week and have another one on its way so I’ll jump right into details.

On Friday, the Brandeis Jazz Combo was invited to play at the longtime San Antonio event, Jazz’SAlive. It was great for our kids to perform at an event where so many professional musicians are showcased. Great job by those students and of course Mr. Cuellar for creating such a strong jazz program & culture at Brandeis.

Progress reports went out on Monday and they should have given you a good idea as to where your student stands with their grades. The first six-weeks always seem to be the most challenging since it is officially back to school for all the students and an even bigger adjustment for our students new to the band program. Please be sure that your student is doing all they can to ensure they do not have any grade issues at the end of the six weeks.

Thank you to our roadies & chaperones for all of their continued work during this marching season. What has felt like a strange two weeks, with missing a football game due to weather, our parents didn’t miss a beat and made sure to take care of our students at yesterday’s game. In addition to that, our prop crew showed up Saturday morning to continue working on setting the stage for our show. Thank you for all that you do!!!

Congratulations to tuba player Connor Estrada, trumpet player Lauren Alvarado, Guard member Alicia Gonzales, Band Historian Alli Saenz, and the Mellophones for being awarded our Freshman, Band Member, Guard Member, Officer, and Section of the Week respectively. Great job to all for their continuous hard work throughout the year.

Many students have continued to bring in their Bronco Card money. If your student still has cards out, please be sure to have them turn in their money and unsold cards into the band office this week. If you know of anyone looking to buy additional cards, Las Palapas at Hausman and 1604 has cards for sale. Continue to let people know that cards are still available to purchase.

As we continue the marching season, be sure to continue to vote for the Bronco Band as your favorite TNL band of the season! Text BAND3 to 44332 an UNLIMITED amount of times to vote for the Bronco Band and help the program win a $5,000 grant for the 3rd year in a row!

On Tuesday, we will have rehearsal until 7 pm as we have a stadium rehearsal at Farris. Please be sure to adjust your schedule accordingly. If you’d like to pick up your student from Farris, that is fine. However, if your student is a percussionist, they will need to be picked up from the school, following load and unload of equipment.

On Wednesday right after school, SSR Jackets will be in the band hall until 5:30 pm, taking orders for letterman jackets. Interested students took information packets home this week with prices and order forms. If that did not get to you, you can find the brochure here, and the pricing sheet here. This will be the only time this year that they will be at school to take orders.

As a last reminder, we have our first marching band contest this Saturday at East Central Stadium. Students need to report to the band hall at 11 am and be sure to eat prior to arrival. We are expected to return to Brandeis around 5:30 pm. As of now, we will be performing at 3:15 pm. For more information about the contest, please visit the East Central Contest Website.

Lastly, a big thank you to Mr. Joe Aigner-Varoz who has been taking so many pictures and videos of the year so far. He created a couple of great videos that we shared at our last booster meeting, showing so many (if not all) of our kids in the program. I’m currently looking into a way to share all of these great moments with everyone. As soon as we have a way of doing so, I’ll be sure to send out the information.

As always, if you have any questions, please contact me at

Enjoy the rest of your Sunday and GO BRONCOS!

-Mr. Asgari


9/24/18 - Monday - Rehearsal 4:30 pm - 6:30 pm

9/25/18 - Tuesday - Drum Major Sectional 7:45 am

9/25/18 - Tuesday - Stadium Rehearsal (FARRIS) 4:30 pm - 7:00 pm

9/26/18 - Wednesday - Morning Rehearsal 7 am

9/27/18 - Thursday - Morning Rehearsal 7 am

9/27/18 - Thursday - BLT Meeting 4:15 pm

9/28/18 - Friday - Pep Rally 7 am

9/28/18 - Friday - HOMECOMING Football Game vs. Brennan, @ Farris 7:30 pm

9/22/18 - Saturday - East Central Marching Contest. The band performs at 3:15 pm. The band reports to the band hall at 11:00 am



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